Smart breakfast session at iStructE in London


1st of April 2020

08:30 - 12:00


London, UK

47-58 Bastwick Street
London EC1V 3PS

Do you, as an engineer, want to be part of a unique experience? Then, save the date for April 1st. During our interactive Smart Breakfast Sessions at iStructE we will focus on industry specific themes with speeches from industry experts, clients and our very own experienced engineering team.

We will share our experiences with BIM and reveal some Hidden Gems in SCIA Engineer to show you all the endless possibilities in Structural Design and analysis.

Do not miss this unique opportunity and be part of our Smart Breakfast Session at iStructE.



You will be treated on numerous guest speakers sharing their experiences and taking you on an interactive trip through SCIA Engineer, a not to be missed opportunity.

The session will start with a the SCIA Vision and best practices followed by BIM analysis models in the cloud: a game changing approach within SCIA Engineer. Our expert engineers will also reveal several hidden gems in our software and share their experience with how second order calculations are accessible and integrated within the SCIA software.

08h30-09h00:    Welcome coffee

09h00-09h20:    SCIA vision and time saving practices: optimally calculate, dimension and document structures by Nikos Bournis
09h20-10h00:    BIM analysis models in the cloud: a game changing approach within SCIA Engineer by Herman Oogink
10h00-10h30:    From simple to architecturally complex shell constructions: one of the many "hidden gems" of the SCIA software by
                             Keith Wan

10h30-10h50    Coffee break

10h50-11h30:    Second order calculations: a difficult must according to the standards, a smart and accessible integration within the
                             SCIA software by Keith Wan
11h30-12h00:    Customer testimonial 



Nikos Bournis

Account Manager at SCIA


Herman Oogink

Head of Strategic Alliances at SCIA


Keith Wan

Customer Service Engineer at SCIA