Using SCIA Engineer for modelling and analysis of buildings subject to seismic actions

Modelling and analyzing builds under seismic action requires a set of specific tools, which appear at various times during the whole calculation and design process. The intent of this webinar is to give an overview all SCIA Engineer functionalities that are useful in that context, all the way from modelling to dynamic analysis to post-processing.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Stiffness & mass alteration using property modifiers
  • Various types of diaphragms
  • Improved Reduced System modal analysis
  • Response Spectrum method and related options, such as sign of results, residual mode or mode filtering
  • Equivalent Lateral Forces method
  • Accidental eccentricity
  • Storey-based results and integration members

speaker webinar

St├ęphane Rossier
St├ęphane Rossier has been with SCIA since 2002, currently as a Senior Product Development Engineer. He has been working on various advanced finite element analysis features of SCIA Engineer, such as dynamic, non-linear and construction stages analysis. He is currently focusing on the new generation of user interface and user experience.

speaker webinar

Marco De Biasio
Marco de Biasio is Customer Service Engineer at SCIA and is primarily focusing on customer training and technical support. He specializes in dynamic calculations and problems of soil-structure interaction. He was awarded a Doctor degree at the Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble.