Watch our webinar to see how to input climatic loads correctly and effectively in SCIA Engineer

Climatic loads (wind and snow) play a crucial role in many structures. Complete design of a structure for wind and snow loads represents a tedious task due to a great number of wind zones and load cases that must be considered in the calculations. Generators simplify the design process and speed up your work. SCIA Engineer offers 2D or 3D generators for the climatic loads.

Attend our webinar and learn:

  • How to model a structure to streamline the use of integrated load generators
  • How to input data for the 3D wind load generator
  • How to work effectively with the 3D wind load generator
  • How to use effectively the 2D wind and snow load generators

speaker webinar

Jaroslav Brož
Jaroslav Brož is an experienced member of SCIA Product Management Team. He works as a Product manager and focuses primarily on BIM & interoperability, parametric modelling and advance calculations. He is also responsible for the collection of demands and feedback from Czech and Austrian markets. Before his career at SCIA, he received PhD degree in structural mechanics at Czech technical university in Prague for his dissertation thesis: “Solving large-scale engineering problems on parallel computers”.

speaker webinar