Learn how to automatically convert any 3D structural model from any CAD software into a high-quality analysis model

SCIA AutoConverter is a new, unique solution that helps structural engineers to join effectively the BIM workflow.

SCIA AutoConverter enables structural engineers to automatically convert structural models from different 3D structural software to create high quality and accurate analysis models. The solution maximises data reuse and minimises manual handling across the entire process – eliminating the need for time-consuming remodelling and saving lot of time and effort

Watch our webinar and discover how:

  • you can collaborate effectively in an easy-to-use OpenBIM workflow,
  • save time by converting any 3D structural model into the accurate analysis model automatically, without the need for time-consuming remodelling,
  • have full control over the generation of the analysis model using a simple built-in workflow,
  • update the analysis model automatically after any changes made in the structural model.

speaker webinar

Adam Vyskočil
Adam Vyskocil has five years of practical experience as a structural engineer. He joined SCIA 5 years ago and started as a Quality Control Engineer. Within that role, he was part of the development team responsible for assuring the quality and represent users’ needs in the development process. Currently, he is a member of the team dealing with the integration of structural discipline into the BIM process. For two years, he has been a Product owner in this team.

speaker webinar

Vít Vondráček
Vit Vondracek studied structural engineering at the VUT in Brno. Vit has worked as structural engineer in Czech Republic and United Kingdom and as construction site supervisor in Melbourne, Australia. Vit joined SCIA 4 years ago as product development engineer and continues to contribute his outside the box approach in various projects like Cloud protection, Engineering report and most recently SCIA AutoConverter.

speaker webinar