"Welcome to the Future"

SCIA Engineer’s brings a revolutionary new interface. No more cluttered menus. Just clean, ergonomic toolbars with all the key functions you use day in day out at your fingertips.

Our specialist will guide you through the new user interface providing an extraordinary user experience.

  • working area taking nearly 100% of the screen
  • Input panel for input of all available objects and entities
  • Process toolbar for easy access to most used commands
  • Status bar for fast settings
  • Properties panel for review and adjustment of properties and for smart selections
  • View bar and Navicube for setting the right view of your model
  • and primarily the SCIA Spotlight where you can search, run, customise and learn

speaker webinar

Vladimír Příbramský
Vladimir Pribramsky has been with SCIA for 3 years. In his current position of a Product Manager he is responsible for the graphical user interface, finite-element analyses, presentation of results and Engineering Report. Vladimir worked as a structural engineer for a few years after his master’s studies and he is currently co-lecturing at the Czech Technical University. He has also an extensive knowledge of automated software testing and quality assurance.

speaker webinar