Code-dependent deflection extension

In the SCIA Engineer, the code dependent deflection (CDD) command serves for a fast and reliable check of long-term deflections of reinforced concrete members (like beams, ribs or slabs) according to Eurocode 2.

Watch this webinar to learn how SCIA Engineer 21 extends the existing solution by:

  • considering shrinkage,
  • manual input of load combinations for creep and immediate deflection,
  • standard/detailed output.

speaker webinar

Tomáš Pail
Tomas Pail has been with SCIA since 2015. He is currently working as a Product Owner for Concrete design. He got his MSc in Civil Engineering at VUT Brno where he also worked as a research assistant for several years. This experience was later an asset at SCIA where he started as a member of a development team responsible for preparation of technical specifications related to Concrete design and FEM results.

speaker webinar