Accurate, economical and fully transparent design of any cross-section

Join us for this webinar and discover how the updated module for the design of composite columns provides not only accurate, safe and transparent, but also economical solution

We will dive into the details of the composite column verification, while highlighting all the novelties:

  • any cross-section (described in the code)
  • detailed formula output
  • validity checks
  • interaction diagrams
  • extended longitudinal shear checks
  • and much more

speaker webinar

Yaël Vercammer
Yaël Vercammer is Product Owner at SCIA. Her mission is to gather feedback and ideas from all around and prioritize their implementation into the software, for anything related to metal. She started out as a Customer Service Engineer in 2017 where she built up experience with the software and its valued customers. Before joining SCIA she obtained a civil engineering degree at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, with a thesis about computer generated bone microstructures.

speaker webinar