How to automate the conversion of an IFC structural model into the SCIA Engineer analysis model

In this webinar, we will introduce you the capabilities of SCIA AutoConverter – a web application designed for automated creation of an analysis model based on IFC model input. SCIA AutoConverter provides structural engineers with the possibility to steer the model creation process and the allows them to enter the BIM workflows thanks to the connection between the structural and analysis models.

In this webinar we will show you in detail:

  • How to in a fast and effective way create a valid analysis model
  • How to handle changes in structural model and update already existing model in SCIA Engineer
  • How to manage changes from analysis model to structural model

And last, but not least, we will share with you the latest news in SCIA AutoConverter

speaker webinar

Štěpán Šonka
Štěpán Šonka is with SCIA company for 3 years now. His current position is a Product Owner. He is responsible for the SCIA AutoConverter, the application that converts IFC structural models into the analysis ones, BIM links in Scia Engineer and SAF initiative. Štěpán worked in a construction company after finishing his master’s study program for a few years. He is still active at the civil engineering faculty of Czech Technical University in Prague, and he is giving lectures there.

speaker webinar