Unlocking the power of FRILO and SCIA


27 Oct 2020


Online event

Combine the benefits of the two leading solutions for engineers.

Using FRILO structural analysis and component design tools in combination with SCIA Engineer allows you to manage 100% of your daily engineering tasks.

The interface between both programs enables you to import the 2D FRILO Building Model into SCIA Engineer reliably and quickly. We will show you the fast and intuitive input in the FRILO Building Model, the load calculation, and the design of the individual components. This is followed by simple data transfer from FRILO to SCIA, which means that double entries are no longer required when defining a building.

In our free webinar we will convey the unique advantages of the joint use of FRILO and SCIA, whereby you can organize your daily work more efficiently and successfully.



We will show you how you can combine the benefits of 2 leading building calculation solutions for engineers and profit from easy & intuitive data transfer.

14h00 - 14h05 Welcome and Introduction of FRILO
by Jean-François Remy
14h05 - 14h45 Introduction of the FRILO-model and element design programs
by Florian Ringguth

14h45 - 14h50 Example of the data import from FRILO to SCIA 
by Florian Ringguth
14h50 - 14h55 Other FRILO interfaces and connectors 
by Florian Ringguth
14h55 - 15h00 Questions & Answers 
by Florian Ringguth and Gino Vanstraelen


Jean-François Rémy


Florian Ringguth, M.Sc.

Product Management, FRILO

Gino Vanstraelen

Customer Service Expert, SCIA