Industry Conference 22 'Usability Enhanced'


10h00 UK Time 
11h00 EU Time


Online event

Your feedback matters.
Our ultimate goal is to offer a structural analysis software that is the perfect instrument for our customers to work with.

For SCIA Engineer 22, we built further on the new user interface that was launched last year and enriched it with a strong focus on the usability of the software.
With your valuable feedback, the following new features and enhancements were introduced amongst others:

• Easier verification thanks to the update and redesign of steel and code checks reports.
• The Auto Design of concrete members can now be performed for the serviceability limit state.
• The 3D wind load generator covers more configurations than before.

Curious to know what else we have in store for you?

Get to know all about the new version during our exclusive online event!


10h00  Welcome
by Markus Gallenberger, CEO SCIA
10h05 Order of the day
by Joël Rücker, CSO SCIA 
10h10  How will we enhance the usability with SCIA Engineer 22? And what’s next?
by Nele Deckers, Director Product & Design
10h40 Demonstration: Working with SCIA Engineer 22 and how it will enhance your productivity.
by Martijn Verlaak, Customer Service Engineer
11h05 Voice of the customer - Your top 3 developments
by Yaël Vercammer, Product Owner
11h10 FRILO Masonry & SCIA Engineer available for you.
By Keith Wan, Customer Service Engineer
11h20 Questions & Answers
by our SCIA experts
11h35 Closing