SCIA & FRILO Industry Workshop session IStructE


23th May 2024
10h00 - 12h15
(UK time)


Online event

Aren’t we all looking to save time and improve our daily workflow?

Then save the date for May 23, as SCIA & FRILO will host an interactive Breakfast Session.

To start, we’ll look at how SCIA is the reference in Steel Design across Europe. Later we'll also show you the long awaited improvements in Construction Stages. 

Further in the session will focus more on API. Is it a buzz word or can it help you? 

To end the session, we’ll give you a glance into the possibilities of 'easy' calculations with FRILO & SCIA. 



This is a unique opportunity to learn about a variety of topics on how to overcome the every day structural engineering challenges with the help from SCIA Engineer.

10h00-10h15 Welcome & introduction 
by Manuel Lopez Melgar, Sales Manager UK 
10h15 - 10h45 SCIA Engineer a force in Steel Design. 
by Keith Wan, Customer Service Engineer SCIA
10h45 - 11h15 API a buzz or a big help in your daily workflow?
by Michele Polastri, Director Customer Success
11h15 - 11h45 New in SCIA Engineer 24: Construction Stages.
by Keith Wan, Customer Service Engineer SCIA
11h45 - 12h15 FRILO & SCIA: An easy connection for your ‘easy’ calculations.
by Manuel Walter, Product Manager FRILO & DC
12h15 Closing

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