Scaffolding in SCIA Engineer

Continuous technological innovation and the importance of reliability ask for strict safety standards. Therefore, simple calculations on scaffolds no longer do the job and need a sophisticated engineering calculation. Did you know that SCIA Engineer can also be used for your scaffolding projects? But why use SCIA Engineer? We offer the ideal blend of sophistication and simplicity in a graphical, comprehensive design environment. Timesaving is achieved by various tools for template model generation, libraries of products, the right analysis features, and transparent reporting of all design calculations.

Using SCIA Engineer for your scaffolding projects is timesaving and a true productivity booster with user friendly design processes.

The NEW and improved Scaffolding module includes:

  • Advanced geometric non-linear analysis
  • Insight into the buckling mechanisms of your structure
  • Calculate the buckling length of a member for use in the code check
  • Determine the global critical buckling mode and buckling load of your structures while considering nonlinear effects
  • Save time by deriving the critical initial deformation for a second order calculation from the global buckling mode of the structure

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In SCIA Engineer scaffolding is simple due to auto imports of CAD and DWG files and we offer support for many file formats and various BIM-tools for alignment and visualisation. In addition, we offer a customisable library which includes standard couplers and manufacturer specific couplers from Layer and Cuplock. These libraries can be extended, and generic products can be checked according to the European scaffolding codes. This gives you flexibility to approach any project and stakeholder demand.


Safety is the most important concern when analysing scaffolds. SCIA Engineer allows you to execute a second order analysis conform to the required standards. Furthermore, SCIA Engineer offers fully transparent engineering report that gives you insights in the calculations. With a single click you can customize the engineering report: from the possibility to create company layouts, reusable templates and change management of the documentation.


SCIA Engineer offers an integrated solution with fast, efficient and accurate modelling, a detailed construction calculation according to the Eurocodes and European Scaffolding standards and a fully transparent engineering report, in addition to outstanding support and consultancy. What else could you need for your scaffolding projects?

"Easy to use and the tools, specifically designed for scaffolding are definitely a winner." - Kees van de Riet, Layher

The SCIA Engineer Scaffolding Module is easy to use and the tools, specifically designed for scaffolding are definitely a winner. It’s easy to import layer per layer from AutoCAD, there are clever selection options and a bunch of preprogramed connections for scaffolding couplers. I really want to complement SCIA’s Support. Every time we stumble upon an issue support answers accurately and quickly. This is important to us because 95% of the times we needed support we were also under time pressure. So, knowing they immediately provide an answer to your questions is definitely a plus.


For a decennial maintenance of the second reactor in the Flamanville nuclear power plant, a large scaffold was necessary to provide access to the first containment’s extrados in order to apply a sealing resin.

"SCIA Engineer allowed the engineers to define scaffold-specific non-linear hinges, apply a specific seismic spectrum of the reactor containment, perform a static non-linear calculation and a spectral analysis in order to obtain the load in each support. Finally, the Eurocode aluminium check and scaffolding code check validated the viability of the design." - Comi Service

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