Interoperability between SCIA Engineer and IDEA StatiCa: how to optimize the productivity of structural engineers

The complexity of today's projects means that engineers have to offer increasingly refined expertise as time for investigation become more and more short.

The goal becomes to analyze structures in a 3D environment, covering the specificity of each element, and provide a complete and detailed engineering report. To achieve this objective, SCIA Engineer allows for comprehensive analysis and complete interoperability with many other structural calculation tools.

Do not miss this webinar where you will have the opportunity to discover the many advantages of working in BIM for steel and concrete structures thanks to the complementarity of SCIA Engineer and IDEA StatiCa solutions.

  • Calculation of concrete and steel models in the same interface in SCIA Engineer
  • How to collaborate between SCIA Engineer and IDEA StatiCa Steel in the exchange of data related to structural analysis (force torsors, rigidity of the connection ...)?
  • How to collaborate between SCIA Engineer and IDEA StatiCa Concrete for a detailed and complete study of your concrete structures?

speaker webinar

Michele Polastri
Michele Polastri is Customer Service Engineer at SCIA. His primary responsibilities are providing customer training and technical support. Before joining SCIA, he worked in design offices in Italy and in the United Kingdom, where he became a member of the "Institution of Civil Engineers" (ICE) and the "Consiglio Nazionale degli Ingegneri" (CNI).

speaker webinar